Laboratorio Unión de Fincas Camaroneras S.A. de C.V.

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Laboratorio Unión de Fincas Camaroneras S.A. de C.V. is the company encompassing the entire production line of breeders and genetic operators. Belonging to UNIFINCA are the following companies: Nauplio, Algae, Artemia and Larviculture as well as the departments of Administration, Sales, Accounting, Quality Control, Human Talent and Management. Each of the departments is supported by highly qualified technicians with a deep level of expertise in the field. Currently the company counts with more than 120 employees and the advice of specialists in genetics (Joao Rocha, Portugal), production (Luis Farias, Brazil), Legal (Virgilio Umanzor, Honduras) and Financial (Marlon Salgado, Honduras ) who are also in charge of the development of different companies in countries in America and Asia.