Finca Camaronera los Búfalos

Logotipo de Finca Camaronera los Búfalos

Today the shrimp farm Los Búfalos S.A. generates 98 permanent direct jobs all the year round to which we can add 115 specific contracts that perform harvesting, seeding, construction and maintenance work. These are families in the Municipalities of Morazán, Tonalá, Palacios, El Viejo, Chinandega and small neighbouring regions. Together with the Inversa Property this has meant a highly significant source of wealth and work for these communities.


The farm has a total concession area of de 927.18 hec.


Today, Los Búfalos S.A. maintains 259 hec. water mirror that annually produce between 1.6 and 1.8 million pounds of shrimp with an average of 3 to 4 thousand pounds per hec. and cycle. Our excellent figures are the result of working motivating and tightening links with our employees and correctly assessing the needs of our shrimps to achieve the best outputs with the least impact on the environment.

The company’s future goals are to increase hectare per production yields and  continue the its expansion in the conceded area. If such goals were to be achieved the company would turn into the third largest in the country with around 850 hectares of water in production and 90 lagoons. This kind of outlook would also create employment to more than 400 families considering both direct and indirect work positions.


Los Búfalos SA is an ambitious project that every year has been solving all the problems it has faced and has managed to maintain positive balance sheets and in a sustainable manner. In order to preserve the highest standards in terms of quality the company has been committed in: updating the procedures to prevent the impact of new diseases, improving production systems and enhancing efficiencies within the operational departments. We firmly believe in community development and in the preservation of the environment that makes the scope of our work possible.



Los Búfalos S.A. social work


Currently Los Búfalos S.A. It carries out sport, training, extra-curricular and environmental activities in the municipalities and schools of the surrounding areas. Moreover the company organizes an annual reforestation event in Mangle Rojo and has also planned new projects on the conservation of animal species that are in danger of extinction.