Empacadora de Camarones Santa Ines S. de R.L.

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Products and Services


EMPACADORA DE CAMARONES SANTA INES (ECSI) is located at 200 meters from the Santa Elena Village, at approximately 7 kilometers from the city of Choluteca on the Pacific coast of Honduras. Empacadora Santa Inés has been founded in 1990 by national investors who have been driven by the boom of the shrimp industry in the southern zone and the need for more facilities in the processing areas. During 1995 the company expanded with the inclusion of new Spanish investors and the processing and commercialization of more products such shrimps and other marine foods within the European, American and Asian markets.


Currently the company comprises a board of directors where its president is the largest shareholder. Locally, the company is constituted of a General Manager, a Production Manager, an Administrative Manager, an Operations Manager, an Electrical and Refrigeration Maintenance Manager and a Human Resources Manager as well as a functional structure made up of Management System, Purchases, Production, Accounting, Personnel, Safety, Maintenance, Laboratory, Hygiene and Safety, General Store, Quality and Surveillance.

The main Empacadora Santa Inés goal is to offer the maquila service and product commercialization to the national shrimp production. All products are exported since the company is located in a free commercial zone.


The company profits come from the above-mentioned assets: the maquila service and the product commercialization. Moreover, the company exports are based on customer orders while the logistics of the maquila is based on the planning of the harvest of shrimp which are determined by the production cycles.



The Integrated Quality and Food Safety Management System Policy is the following:

The processing as well as commercialization of aquaculture and / or fishing products and other food services with high added value that complying with national and international food safety and quality regulations must meet the customer requirements through a continuous improvement of production processes and ethical responsibility emphasizing environmental, practical and competitive work that promotes efficiency and effectiveness.

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We are constant-growing company which processes and sells aquaculture and seafood products. Our mission is to bring to our customers the highest food quality and meet their demand with the support of our collaborators who are rewarded based on their efforts.  We work with the most advanced technology of the industry, we offer comprehensive services and we promote respect for our environment ensuring profitability for our shareholders and progress in the countries we operate.



In 2018 we see ourselves as leaders of the farming and trading shrimp industry. Through innovation, value creation, clients satisfaction, social welfare, environment conservation and  shareholders profitability.



As a company, we foster sincerity and justice, expressing respect for ourselves and for the community surrounding us.


We promote equality within and outside the organization, respecting the rights of each and every one of our employees.


Commitment is the value that allows us to achieve the goals that we as an organization set ourselves.


As an organization, we assume and respect our obligations we have with the governments, our collaborators, our neighbors and environment.


It is our assumed duty to forge strong and unbreakable ties with our customers, partners and suppliers.


We constantly require from our collaborators the commitment and efficiency to be able to carry out the required activities and be able to perform through quality and trustworthiness.


We encourage the inclusion of all the members of the organization valuing their different points of view and accepting their individualities.

Respect for the environment

We are responsible for the impact generated by our operations; we respect and comply with the law and its regulations.


We strongly believe in the idea of sharing mutual benefits.

The distribution of permanent and temporary employees in the main areas of the Empacadora Santa Inés  is represented in the following table.

PRODUCTION 40 677 717 69%
OPERATIONS 19 19 38 4%
MAINTENANCE 17 20 37 4%
QUALITY 6 55 61 6%
LABORATORY 6 7 13 1%
EXPORTS 2 0 2 0%
SECURITY 11 11 22 2%
PURCHASES 2 2 4 0%
WAREHOUSE 5 7 12 1%
TOTAL 168 874 1042 100%

Education Level


This graph shows the general education level of ECSII

Gráfica sobre el total de empleados por nivel de educación ECSI

Scope of the Quality Management System


This management system integrates the elements of quality in relation with the product in the following way:


Productive Units

Empacadora de Camarones Santa Inés S. DE. R.L.


System Rules

ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP Implanted.


Principal Activities

Reception, processing, packing, storage, marketing of shrimps from fisheries and / or aquaculture, frozen and / or refrigerated: raw and marketing of fishery products and / or aquaculture.



Aldea Santa Elena Choluteca Honduras.


Quality management system exclusions


The following clause – ISO 9001: 2015 Standard –  is excluded from the Quality Management System with which Empacadora Santa Inés operates.


Design and Development. The product are processed according to the requirements and specifications previously defined by the client.

Quality Requirements


Our previous quality requirement documentation was based on the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, while nowadays it is based on the  ISO 9001: 2015 certification for following departments: Production, Human Resources, Maintenance, Operations, Purchasing , Warehouse, Quality Control, Laboratory and Exports. The quality requirement certifications are also associated with to the regulations of the countries where we operate and to those of the HACCP system

Infrastructure and technology


The production area is 4826.50 square meters located in Aldea Santa Elena at 200 meters from the detour of Santa Elena – approximately 7 kilometers from the city of Choluteca on the Pacific coast of Honduras.


The different facilities allow Empacadora Santa Inés to have the capacity to:

  • Store approximately 1.6 million pounds of frozen shrimp.
  • Freeze 347 thousand pounds of product.
  • Produce 214 tons of ice daily.

Regulatory requirements


Empacadora Santa Inés works under the laws and regulations of Honduras The regulated fields are food safety, work safety and labeling standards for the countries where the product is exported.


Empacadora Santa Inés Process Map

Mapa de procesos de empaque de Santa Inés
Fachada de Santa Inés Empacadora de Camarones