Camaronera El Faro

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The shrimp farming company named FINCA CAMARONERA EL FARO, member of the Jaime Soriano Group, has always been committed to the sustainable development of aquaculture and the protection of the environment. The company supports good cultivation practices and every year in order to minimize the negative environmental impact within the Gulf of Fonseca, it invests in a constant and technological development of its facilities. The Camaronera el Faro farm is located approximately 30 kilometers from the municipality of El Triunfo in the Department of Choluteca.

At present, the shrimp farm El Faro expands over an area of more than ​​920 hectares used for shrimp production, export and internal consumption. The area, highly technified with the best cultivation practices, strictly follows the guidelines and policies drawn up by national and international institutions.

In addition to the social contribution and development of the industry in the area we operate, we feel also committed to our environment, which is why we use the good aquaculture practices required by the state authorities of the Republic of Honduras.

We are very aware that a good farm management will preserve on one hand the flora as well as the fauna of our operational area and on the other generate good learning practices for our workers. We believe that such an environment can definitively foster the cooperation with the local families and offer a better nutritional regime for our workers on the fields.


The human capital of the farm consists of 227 employees who are treated with the fairest and safest working conditions as well as access to direct training for personal educational development.

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