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Jaime Soriano S.A

Jaime Soriano S.A

Operates in the fishing sector. Its products – fresh and frozen – originates either from the oceans or aquaculture cultivations.  The company has been created in 1964 and it represents the group flagship. It is headquartered in Madrid and from the Spanish capital it controls and manages the rest of the subsidiaries. The headquarter establishment, inaugurated in 1993, is endowed with the second largest cold room of the group and from here  products are distributed throughout Spain and France.

It is a farm for the shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei) cultivation in a semi-extensive production with 920 hectares of water distributed in 134 lagoons. 10% of this area is based on a recirculation model. There are between 2 and 3 production cycles throughout the year. It is certified that the product is fed with nutriments free form drugs, antibiotics or chemical compounds and the source of protein for this product has 100% marine or vegetable origins. At the moment, the company is in the process of obtaining the ASC certification in order to reach the global standards for a responsible aquaculture.

Company located in Nicaragua and as a core business it has the aquaculture and marine products refining. The company is built upon 12,000 square meters of land and 8900 square meters of climatized areas. Langostinos de Centro América is endowed with the most modern classification, freezing and packing equipment for seafood with a processing daily capacity of 350 thousand pounds of finished product.

Camarones del Pacifico( Campa) Finca camaronera

Camarones del Pacifico( Campa) Finca camaronera

Located in Managua, Nicaragua and  its facilities cover over 1068 hectares of cultivated shrimp production (vannamei). The company has been founded in 1992 but it did not participate in the Jaime Soriano S.A business until 2002 with a 31.7% shares.

Has been fully acquired in January 2014 even though the group during the last 20 years owned a 50% of the company stocks. The firm, established in Cadiz, commercializes seafood originating from the NorthEast Atlantic ocean. The company sells seafood and aquaculture products coming from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a shrimp packing company (Litopenaeus Vannamei) that support Empacadora Santa Inés during its highest peaks of activity. The firm mainly exports its processed products to the North American as well as Asian markets. The company owns 5 freezing tunnels and a brine freezing equipment that allow to freeze 30,000 kilos of finished product per day.

Laboratorio Unión de Fincas Camaroneras S.A. de C.V. was founded on November 1, 2015, with the purpose of cultivating shrimp larvae with the highest quality standards for a group of six companies involved as well in the cultivation and commercialization of shrimp but in different national and foreign markets.

EMPACADORA DE CAMARONES SANTA INES (ECSI)  is one of the main collaborating companies of the DAGUSTIN group; it is located at 200 meters from the Santa Elena Village, at approximately 7 kilometers from the city of Choluteca on the Pacific coast of Honduras. Empacadora Santa Inés has been founded in 1990 by national investors who have been driven by the boom of the shrimp industry in the southern zone and the need for more facilities in the processing areas.

Iceberg Ltd – Established in 1985. Jaime Soriano S.A has been collaborating with Iceberg LTD for more than 30 years. It is our main supplier of all types of fish and seafood, either fresh or frozen, from United Kingdom to our central markets of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Seville as well as for the distribution of products such as scallop, squid, sea bream, Norway lobster in Spain.

Company created in Cadiz in 1980 but currently located in Madrid. It commercializes seafood and shellfish.

Agro Forestry Products inc.

Agro Forestry Products inc.

Farm located in San Juan River (Nicaragua). The business is based on the cocoa and plantains production. The company has been founded in 2013. Jaime Soriano S.A owns 14.55% of the company shares.

The Los Búfalos SA shrimp farm is located 10 minutes from the Puerto Morazán community. The company started its activities in 2010 with 30 hectares of cultivation originated from the 306.18 ha of original concession. During the years the farm has been completely refurbished since after of hurricane Mitch in 1998 its structure was severely damaged. The aquaculture project has been developed in 5 phases. The whole productive area includes 29 lagoons, 5 nurseries, 51 entry structures, 29 double exit structures, a pumping station with 2 floating pumps, production and safety facilities and 38 ha of reservoir channel that feeds the entire farm.

Finca camaronera La Apintal belongs to Grupo Camaronero El Faro, located in the village La Montaña, Municipality of Nacaome, Department of Valle, Honduras. The company started aquaculture operations in the Gulf of Fonseca, in 2013. Its main activity is exclusively the production of Pacific white shrimp (L. vanammei).

FINCA CAMARONERA INVERSA is the first aquaculture project developed by the Dagustin group in Nicaragua  during 2007. The farm is located next to the area between Honduras and Nicaragua and its surface extends on 328 hectares of water distributed among 35 lagoons where a semi-extensive shrimp culture is carried out.