About Dagustin

Paisaje de dos barcos en el mar con puesta de sol y montañas

Jaime Soriano S.A has been established in 1964 after several years of expansion in the farm fishing industry.

Nowadays our business steadily grows and since the fourth generation has taken part in the company board, the overall firm dimension has further changed.

However, our mission remains intact: to pursue excellence in order to always meet our customers needs.


We are proud to be a family business that during the years has been capable of reaching a global scale through the unceasing pursuit of excellence and innovation with the aim of expanding the sea food product consumption. We work hard for our companies and customers honoring continuity and sustainability as core values.



We are committed to provide a wide range of seafood products that can ensure a fair balance balance between quality and price. As leaders in this sector, we are responsible to guarantee a better life quality for our consumers.

We are leaders in the Spanish fish farming industry and those are our group branches.