Spain is the top fish consumer country within the EU

Spain is the top fish consumer country within the EU

Spain is the top fish consumer country within the EU

The Mediterranean diet is well known worldwide as a healthy choice in which fish is a frequent and important element. In fact, according to statistics, Spain is sticking to this diet, nine out of ten Spanishs eat monthly fishery and aquaculture products.

Spain continues to be the European country that consumes the most fish, with 92% of Spanishs consuming fish and aquaculture products every month, followed by Portuguese and Swedes, with 87%.

According to statistics from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the average amount of fish and shellfish consumed by the spanishs per year is 42.4 kg. This figure is much higher than the world average of 18.9 kg per inhabitant per year.

Furthermore, 66% of Spanishs buy fish and fish products at least once a week, 30 points above the European average, located at 36%. Nevertheless, weekly consumption has fallen slightly in favour of monthly consumption compared to last year, going from 76% who eat fish, at least once a week at home in 2017 to 74% in 2018. Anyhow it remains well above the European average weekly fish consumption, which stands at 41%, one point lower than in 2017.

Also this year there is a slight increase in fish consumption in restaurants and bars per week, with the percentage rising from 19% in 2017 to 23% this year.

Fresh fish preference

Fresh fish consumption is reaffirmed in Spain with a clear preference. 65% chose this type of product, in 2018 and 73% mentioned it as part of their usual shopping list. Quite different to the European level doubling the consumption of fresh fish recorded.

Concerning frozen fish is also growing slightly, going from 31 to 34%, while canned fish remains constant.

Interest on fish origin

In reference to the origin of fish it has grown the importance given to this aspect. Right now stands at 39% compared to 32% in 2017. Many spanishs affirm that they prefer to consume national products, either in general from Spain, 42%, or specifically from their region, 40%. Despite this, 25% say they have no preferences as to the origin of the fish they eat.

Grocery stores, supermarkets and big magazines also remain the main channel for buying fish in Spain, with an increase of 16 points over last year, reaching 68%.

An expensive food

Although the percentage of Spanishs who consider fish to be expensive has reduced by five points this year, 74% affirm they would buy or consume more fish and aquaculture products if their price were not so high.  All this data is according to the Eurobarometer carried out by Kantar TNS for the European Commission.

Obviously, price continues to be the second most important aspect when buying this type of product, as mentioned by 56% of Spanishs ask, although the level is lower than last year, when it was considered 65%.

On the other hand, the first aspect to take into account is appearance. Both aspects are more mentioned in Spain than in the European average.