Dagustin History

Dagustin History

Dagustin History

Dagustín, a trademark of Jaime Soriano, S.A., is a multinational business group known for its high quality and reliable  products throughout national and international markets. With 53 years in the industry, over time it has become one of the most important companies in the distribution of fish and seafood around the world.




Jaime Soriano S.A. was founded in 1964 as a trading company for products mainly from the Mediterranean. Our brand was created and consolidated in the eighties under the direction of Mr. Jaime Soriano de las Heras.

Pesqueras Puerto Chico, S.L.

In 1984 we formed a fishing fleet through the company of the same group, “Pesqueras Puerto Chico, S.L.” in order to have our own product supply through our own vessels, as well as negotiations and product purchases (selecting the best fish and seafood, both fresh and frozen, at more than a hundred ports around the world) in places like England, Scotland at first, eventually including 5 continents from South America and Central America to Asian countries such as India and China.

El Faro

In 1994 we acquired our first shrimp farm, “El Faro,” located in the south of Honduras in the Gulf of Fonseca. Later we expanded our production to Nicaragua, and over the years, we have been expanding and modernizing our farms to date, with more than 1,700 ha. All this has made us the first company in Spain with its own farm for the cultivation of shrimp outside our borders operating with Spanish technology


Today, Dagustín is a multinational whose main business focuses on raising, buying and selling raw materials and products of the highest quality, from the world’s 5 oceans, to meet the needs of our broad portfolio of clients. We currently have agreements with shipowners who work throughout the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and distribute their products exclusively to us. We also have shrimp farms, as well as modern packing plants. Thanks to our presence in the most important central markets, we offer wholesalers and retailers fresh fish of the finest quality from Spanish and international markets, as well as an increasingly wide range of frozen products including seafood, cephalopods and fish.